Saturday, August 10, 2013

yesutho sneham

August 10th 2013 a wonderful day to have 250 young gatherers to worship in His presence at Zion  church, Agraharam, Pitapuram. The Praise & worship  is lead by 2 teams Zion church and Bethel church as well as Andhra Baptist Church, Samalkot. A Challenging sermon for the present scenario of the youngsters was given by Rev. Dr. Suvartha Raju on "Jesus my best friend". Yesutho Sneham is organized by Ch. Samuel, and coordinated by the Associate Pastor as Zionson.J.E. & Victorson S.E.
zion church & bethel Church

andhra baptist church samalkot

Rev. Dr. Suvartha Raju

Jesus my best friend

quiz competition

prizes for singing & quiz

Victorson J.E.

Senior Pastor Rev. Ch. Samuel

Ps. Zionson

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"In His Presence" Pastors Conference

Praise God for His mercies. Today we had wonderful Pastors and leaders get together in Andhra Baptist Church, Samalkot as we spend in the "Presence of God" - Prabhu Sannidhilo. It was such a glorious time of singing and sharing the Word ofGod. Sister Dee King from states was brought to us by beloved Brother Sanjay from Hyderabad, every one was blessed by the Bible study from the life of Moses. In the evening we had a Melodious Singing by Andhra Baptist Church youth, and Feba radio Revival Singers Bro. Jayaraju, Bro. Kotton Samuel and we had a Powerful Sermon By Sis. Dee King and rev. P. S. Kumar from Bangalore. Thanks for your prayers. — at Samalkot. 

a JN.

Friday, July 26, 2013

In His Presence

Hai friends, praise the Lord. I would appreciate your prayers for this two days crusade as "prabhu sannidhilo" in the presence of God and for a Pastors and leaders get together where we are expecting more than 200 pastors and leaders with their spouses to experience the Joy and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit of God in Samalkot.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wailing Women Fellowhip

Wailing Women Fellowship

  Wailing Women Fellowship is the full form of W.W.F. It is a wailing in the presence of God on behalf of our children, families, people, nations and to the entire world. As it is written in the scriptures - Jer 9: 17-18 says, to call for the wailing women; the W.W.F is inviting praying women to wail and pray with tears for the people. W.W.F has been started by Rev. Dr. Suvartha Raju, with a vision given by God to women on 24th Jan 1999. Those seven women prayed with tears for the people in India and the people in the entire world. On the same day 47 more women decided and dedicated to join their hands to pray with tears. 

WWF invites any women to join their hands to pray. Even though there are prayer going on in these days, but WWF insists to pray with tears. 
Praying for the peace between nations, people and the family.

Praying for the salvation of the entire humanity.

This W.W.F. will meet on the Third Tuesday of every month. People in any village, Town or City can either meet in one common place of any denomination. They can pray as long as they can, some even fast on that day and pray. Now you can join us and contact us of who have a deep heart to pray for the perishing souls for Christ. 

Till to day there are more than 10000 wailing women's in India and around the world. Now it is conducted in 1000 centers in all over the world.

Contact us : 9848110907, 9440040992.

'wailing women fellowship' (WWF)

          A successful women gathering for WWF at River of Life Prophetic Center,..shared word of God from 2.chronicles.20.. About jehoshuapeth. God guided his people in a mighty way,gave them peace,victory together with money,gold in abundance etc.. and make others to fear his(Gods') people.
          our team prayed for the world..individually and also as a team.. prayed for more than 5 hours..about many issues such as government,sick,need,pastors and leaders etc..
          hope you join us and recieve blessings.
         thank you

group prayers for pastors and leaders

praying for the government

praying for perishing souls of children and youth

praying for the sick and need

praying for the world

praying with tears

praise and worship

individual prayer
Mrs.Sharon uvartha raju leading the team

prayer warriors 

prayer warriors

sending replies to prayer requests

praying together.

praying together for all partners